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Rules & Regulations 2023-2024 Season

Studio Rules

  • Tuition is due every 4 weeks.  If it is not possible to deliver payment when the studio is open, it can be placed in the mail slot on the front door in a sealed envelope.  Please be sure to include the student’s name on the memo part of the check.

  • Payment forms accepted include cash, check, Venmo (@dancefuzionstudio) or electronic withdrawal (EFT).  

  • EFT payments will only be processed for class tuition and registration fees. Costumes, gear and other charges will not be automatically pulled unless requested. These requests can be made during regular studio hours at the front desk.

  • Payment weeks will be as follows:

  • August 28, September 25, October 23, November 27, January 8, February 5, March 4, April 8, May 6

  • Studio Breaks will be September 4: Labor Day (these classes will be made up 11/20); November 20-23 2023: Thanksgiving Break (students enrolled in classes on Labor Day will make up classes on 11/20); December 25-January 4: Christmas Break; April 1-4: Spring Break. 

  • A $15 late fee will be assessed for tuition payments not made during payment weeks. A second late fee of $15 will be assessed if not paid by the end of the session.

  • Tuition will only be pro-rated for students if there is a student beginning a new class in the middle of the month.

  • An annual registration fee of $15 will be charged, with a maximum of $25 per family.

  • We highly encourage parents or guardians to walk students in and out of the studio.  No student should leave the studio without a parent or guardian.  Students should not wait outside!  We are very sensitive to our student’s safety, but we are not responsible for students before or after their class time.

  • Dancers must be picked up on time at the end of their dance class. Late pickups are disruptive to the other dancers and to staff. In addition, we cannot baby-sit while teaching/assisting other parents. Please make every effort to arrive on time for the pickups or make arrangements for someone else to pick up your child. After 10 minutes there will be a $5.00 late charge if prior arrangements are not made first.  Two warnings will be given first.

  • Students and parents/guardians are responsible for all personal items.  Dance Fuzion Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen, or misplaced items.  There is a Lost & Found Locker located near the restrooms.  Please label all items for easy identification.

  • Classes will be canceled and made up at another time in the event of severe weather. Email & text notifications will be sent out in that event. Makeup class information will be sent out in the event of cancellations. 

  • Schedules/instructors could change due to attendance, instructor schedules, etc.  Notices of schedule changes will be sent to families prior to the next payment week to ensure their dancer is still able to participate.

  • Newsletters will be sent via email and text (linked document in Google Drive).  Newsletters will also be available in a printed format at the front desk.  Parents need to make sure they check for announcements regularly.

  • Two weeks' notice of the students no longer attending Dance Fuzion Studio is necessary in order to stop charges to their account.

  • Parents need to have a positive attitude and continued support is necessary in order for their child to continue the privilege of participating in the studio’s program.  If the parent chooses to have a negative attitude or causes volatile scenes in any way, your child and you will be asked to leave the school.

  • Profane language is not permitted in the lobby/viewing areas. No running or yelling is allowed in the lobbies/hallways. No students are allowed in any studio rooms or behind the desk unless asked so by the staff. No smoking or vaping is permitted in the building.    

Class Rules

  • Students should arrive no more than 10-15 minutes before class to allow time to use the restroom, change and pull hair back. 

  • No food, gum or drinks should be brought into the studio/stretch rooms. The exception is water in a sealed bottle.

  • Parents/guardians are not permitted in studio rooms during class time unless invited. A video monitor is available for each classroom  for viewing. There will be designated Observation Weeks where visitors are invited to watch class in person.

  • Proper dance attire and dance shoes are required for all classes, including no jeans.  Hair needs to be pulled back for all classes.

    • Ballet: Leotard (optional skirt), ballet shoes

    • Jazz/Hip Hop: Black jazz shoes

    • Tap: Black tap shoes

    • Tumbling: Leotard/biketard, barefoot

    • Acro: Leotard/biketard, barefoot (optional Acro shoe)

    • Lyrical: Lyrical shoes

    • Cheer: Plain white tennis shoes. These shoes should not be worn outside to protect the mats.

  • All dance shoes should not be worn outside to protect studio floors.

  •  Safety first! Instructors reserve the right to expel any student that hits, pushes, grabs, or is rude to the teacher or other students. Physical and verbal aggression cannot be tolerated in the classroom.

Recital/Costume Information

  • All students (including Parent and Me, Cheer, Acro  and Tumbling) perform in all our Recitals.  

  • Recitals include Christmas (December 16) and Spring (June 1).

  • Anyone performing (including parent participating in Parent and Me) will be required to purchase a Recital t-shirt ($15) for each Recital.  

  • A costume will be required for each class a student is enrolled in for the Spring Recital. The total cost of the costumes are $75/each.  Deposits will be $35 paid in October of the Dance year, and full payments due in March.  All costume payments are non-refundable.  

  • At least one fundraiser opportunity will be given to parents/guardians a year to assist with the cost of costumes.

  • There will be a Mandatory  dress rehearsal prior to the Spring Recital Only. This will take place the Friday before the show (May 31st) during business hours. Please plan accordingly so your dancer will be able to perform at Recital. 

  • A Recital Packet will be published approximately two months prior to the Spring Recital. This packet will be distributed the same way as newsletters and has all the information parents/guardians will need to know regarding Recital.


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